The 3rd International Conference on Chemistry and Energy Research (ICCER2020)
Welcom Assis.Prof. Ghulam Mustafa Kamal to be keynote speaker!

Welcom Assis.Prof. Ghulam Mustafa Kamal to be keynote speaker!


Assis.Prof. Ghulam Mustafa Kamal from 

Khawaja Fareed University of Engineering & Information Technology, Pakistan


o Metabolomics analyses of food materials for quality assurance and authentication.

o Interpretation of NMR and MS spectra for -omics studies.

o Multivariate data analysis for –omics

o Studies of biological activities of plants and food materials.

o HPLC and GC analysis for volatiles and pesticides/aflatoxin residue in foodstuff

Speech Title: NMR Spectroscopy for the Analysis of Fermented Foods

Abstract: Fermented foods are very complex in composition and very much prune to contamination. Discrimination of fermented foods is a challenging with respect to their process of manufacture, raw materials and geographical origin. In this talk, the challenges for studying metabolic profiles of fermented foods by NMR spectroscopy will be presented. It will include the optimization of NMR based metabolomic methodologies, characterization of fermented foods and exploring their patterns, raw materials, process of manufacture and tracing of raw materials and origin. The presenter will also discuss the data pre-processing including baseline and phase correction and exploratory data analysis by combination of multivariate methods and NMR analysis. At the end the talk will also focus on the potentiality and usefulness of NMR based metabolomics for the characterization of fermented foods.

This talk will be of interest for the scientists and students involved in NMR based metabolomics for food analysis